Code difficulty: 4/10
Math difficulty: 4/10

Before we begin here: Q. What is a dual prime?
A. A dual prime is 2 prime numbers that are exactly “2” apart. Example: 3, 5 // 11,13, etc.

In his challenge I ask that you do the following things:

Create a program that will:

  1. Allow a user to input a number to iterate up to
  2. Allow the user to see all the dual primes, and a list of the numbers that are NOT dual prime
  3. Use either a vector or a list and their inherent member functions to handle the data from the loop

Concepts used: Functions, variables, loops, arithmatic functions, breaks, boolean, vectors (or lists), template class member functions

You should be able to do this by: Lesson 44

My solution: (spoilers- Don’t look unless you are really stuck!)

Please note that my solutions are not checked thoroughly, and should only be used for reference. They are often non-optimal solutions that could be improved upon (by you!). I keep these intentionally rough for just that reason.

Last modified: October 14, 2013