C++ Tutorial #1 — Hello World

Topics covered: During this video I introduce #include (used to include a header file into a program) using namespace std (this will be discussed at length later on) and cout. Source code: Hello World “Hello World” is the quintessential “starter program” in most programming languages, we simply include enough files to write this message to... » read more

C++ Tutorial #2 — Simple variables and cin

Homework: C++ Homework 1: Outputting variables Topics covered: Simple variable declarations with primitive datatypes, cin (an iostream member) Source code: Source Code Available Here Declaring variables In this lesson I teach you guys how to declare variables and work with ‘built-in types’ within c++. The proper declaration for a variable in C++ is as follows:... » read more

C++ Tutorial #4 — Simple output manipulation– money

Homework: C++ Homework 2: Using external libraries to calculate numbers. Topics covered: Manipulating the output of cout statements using the iomanip library and some of its member functions. Source Code: #include #include using namespace std; int main(){ double x=1.7356, y = 2.337, z=2.0, a=2.0; cout