Welcome to BeginnersC++. This site was developed to help you learn to program in C++ at your own pace. There’s video tutorials with write-ups to help you learn, a helpful community forum, and live chat (which is only staffed by me) to help you. If you need help, feel free to ask your C++ questions here.

12/15/2015 3:19am:
Fixed the annoying syntax highlighting / spolier tag issues that have been plaguing the site for what is probably over a year now. The issue was due to the syntax highlighting plugin that I was using (enlighter) breaking out of the span tag that was being made by the spoiler plugin that I use. Then there was another bug with Enlighter that was really difficult to pin down that caused me to change syntax highlighters altogether. This caused me to have to change tags on ~30ish pages one at a time… You’re welcome.

02/08/2015 7:25pm :
Added 1 new Tutorial and wrote up 5 more tutorials. Also finished updating the look / feel of the website for the time being

02/07/2015 1:55pm :
New theme that uses bootstrap for better mobile support. I will be customizing this over the next day or so, so give me some leeway with setting it up.

12/06/2014 4:27PM :
Change donation page to an FAQ / Removed opencart (which was broken), wrote a writeup for Arrays and perhaps 1 other lesson. I have about 1-2 lessons left to write up before I start making new lessons. My weeknights will be more available in the future, expect to see more progress in the coming weeks / months.

11/23/2014 8:51AM :
Added 6 more videos to New Tutorials today and completed the write-ups on two thus far. Added place holders for future lessons planned.

11/17/2014 7:48PM :
Added 1 more video to New tutorials today, updated a few look / feel issues with the site.

11/16/2014 3:13AM :
Adding more videos to the New Tutorials section today, we’ll see how many I can write-up.

11/15/2014 10:30AM :
Added 5 new videos in the “New Tutorials” Category on the right. Once I make enough of these the old tutorials will be archived and used only for references that may have been missed in the newer videos. Forums have also been greatly updated.

10/14/2014 8:21PM :
Added forums, new live chat, and started to redo some of the videos that “needed” it.