Due to the nature of coding, I find it to be greatly beneficial to learn through a variety of formats. Some people have asked me to recommend books to them, the following are a list of books that I would highly recommend, some are free as PDF’s, but are also available for purchase. Also, books are not listed in any particular order.

For the record I will never promote any books that I have not read in part or in full

Accelerated C++ image

[spoiler title=”Accelerated C++ Review”]
I think that this book is a great companion to the tutorials that I’ve put up on here. It starts off with a fairly ‘normal’ approach to things, but builds quickly and cuts out a lot of the verbosity of many of the counterparts on here. This book is great for people familiar with C++ that might need a refresher, or for someone who wants to read a book alongside the tutorials on here.[/spoiler]

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[spoiler title=”Programming practices and principles, C++”]
This book is written by one of the greats of programming, a gentleman named Bjarne Stroustrup. This book is HUGE, over 1200 pages in length, and starts at a beginner’s level and covers up to and through a FAR more advanced level of coding than I’ll likely be able to cover in the videos that I release here[/spoiler].

Thinking In C++ book cover

[spoiler title=”Thinking In C++”]
This is a book that I often looked to as a reference while learning C++, as it was great at teaching C-based thinking on problem solving. This book is aimed at programmers with a little bit of experience coming from a C-background, but can certainly be read (with some determination) by anyone.
In the event that you would like to try reading this book as a pdf (not recommended), it is available for download Here[/spoiler]

C++ Coding Standards Image

[spoiler title=”C++ Coding Standards”]
This book is an amazing reference that you’ll find yourself referring to often should you ever work on a large-scale project, or if you should ever work in a collaboration with other people. Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu are both amazing authors.[/spoiler]

C++ For Business Programmers Cover

[spoiler title=”C++ For Business Programmers 2nd Edition”]
This was my book in college while getting my associates, and while I wasn’t a huge fan of it, I can’t say that I’ve never used it as a reference. They do a good job defining terms that might confuse you and show a fair amount of examples of decent code throughout the book.[/spoiler]

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