[spoiler title =”Why should I donate”]
Honestly, you should donate if you feel like this website has helped you. I get messages all the time thanking me and praising me for helping people through hard coding problems. I made this to help, but making a little money in return for my time wouldn’t be horrible.

[spoiler title =”But you already make money through ads, right?”]
Amusingly, the amount of money that I make through ads is almost dead even with the amount that I pay yearly for web-hosting. Until recently I was averaging about $7-25 (USD) a month between all 4 of my youtube channels, and all 3 of my websites.

Here’s a screenshot of my Google Adsense for the past few months:


[spoiler title =”What does donation money go towards?”]
Three things in no real order. My time, hosting, and pizza.

[spoiler title =”Why do you think you should get paid for this?”]
Well, honestly, I’ve put about ~3000-6000 hours into this website since 2011. During that time I’ve helped people with problems ranging from a missed semicolon to implementing a binary search tree, getting DarkGDK projects working, helping someone build a physics engine for a game, and more. In the entire time I’ve run the website I’ve earned roughly $700 from all sources (donations, and ad revenue). This works out to less than $.50 / hour for my time.

For comparison, in my freelancing career I’ve charged between $75 – 100 / hour and had more clients than I could serve.

[spoiler title =”If I donate, will you teach me how to _______ (insert thing here)”]
In general I don’t like to make promises that I’m not sure that I can keep. When it comes to learning, you’re the one in charge of that. I can point you to resources and help you understand concepts. But like all things, there will be roadblocks along the way, and it’s your choice whether or not you push through them or not.

[spoiler title =”Can I buy Private tutoring for myself or others? Perhaps Skype sessions or something similar?”]
These are available upon request, but generally I just do a first-come / first – served method of helping people. If you are truly interested in tutoring, the going rate for it is about $30 / hour.

[spoiler title =”Is this considered a charitable donation?”]
No. We are not a non-profit, nor are we a 501(c)(3). You cannot write off donations made to us.

Last modified: December 20, 2014