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Seriously read the rules below or you will PROBABLY end up banned. There is a 0-warning ban rule in place for rule #1

1. No code in the channel. All code goes to or — All images go to
2. You have to have code, have tried debugging it, and don’t understand what’s going wrong
3. If you ask for a full assignment to be done for you, you will be banned.
4. You are required to use either CLion, or Visual Studio 2010 (or later) or not ask questions that require debugging. This will result in a ban if you bother me about it.
5. Just ask your fucking question. Yes, you can ask your question. Don’t ask to ask your question or you will be banned.
6. If you get banned, that means you fucked up. Most bans expire in around a week, some are perm.
7. Your deadlines don’t fucking matter to me. Your grades don’t matter to me. If you fail out of programming, I will lose no sleep. Don’t try to justify your begging with your irresponsibility.
8. Current people that generally know their shit: DemonSkye, Damien_Desk, Damien_Work, TheArrowFlies, CPG, Boris. Be dubious of other people trying to help you.

Server Details:
Port: 6667
Channel: #BeginnersProgramming